Sustainable development is at the core of our business and our future plans work around this concept. Even since antiquity people attempted to define the concept of sustainability. Greek philosophers have approached it through the notion of “eudaimonia”. Taking this concept into account as well, sustainable development is “development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs” (Brutland definition). Sustainability implies the synchronous development of the social, economic and environmental sectors, as these sectors are interconnected.

We – as an innovative olive processing and manufacturing business – buy all our raw materials only by the very best growers in Greece and handle all our products with care, to retain and enhance their exquisite quality and flavour. In addition to that we also care about our own environment.

In short
we minimise and manage waste, use low energy lighting, biodegradable hand soap, 100% recycled paper products, locally produced products, natural lighting and ventilation whenever possible. These are just a few of our measures that add up to achieving a positive impact on the environment and the community in general.


We are recycling water used to try to minimise our water footprint. Also we encourage our employees to make changes in the amount of water they use.


The windows and overhead roof in the production area allow natural light to penetrate. This allows us to reduce our energy consumption during the daylight hours by turning off overhead lighting.

Waste Management

We focus on reducing, reusing, recycling and recovering our waste, and ensuring that the waste residues that remain are disposed of using the most environmentally responsible options available. Also we want to produce the least possible waste thus focus on better inventory control and demand forecasting.


We have developed our 5R’s approach to packaging procurement and development which include:

  • Reuse: reusable transit packaging
  • Reduce: re-engineer packaging
  • Recycle: increasing recycled content
  • Renew: renewable and sustainably sourced packaging
  • Rebrand: introducing new packaging formats.



  • Build supply chain partnerships for sustainability with our collaborators, both producers and customers.
  • Enhance operational efficiency while minimising environmental impact.
  • Recycling programs, exterior maintenance programs and systems upgrades.
  • More sustainable water use.
  • Development of a detailed sustainability roadmap with ambitious goals for 2022.